Metal Gates in Leeds
Metal Railings & Balustrades | The Benefits of Using a Powder Coating Finish

While you may not think about it on a daily basis, the work of metal fabricators underpins local, regional and national infrastructure. It helps to make your daily life in Leeds easier, safer and more convenient. This includes the many products we fabricate, such as metal gates, metal railings and balustrades. For optimal performance and appearance, however, metal fabrications need an appropriate finish applied by a time-served professional.

Today, powder coating is one of the most popular forms of finishing a metal fabrication.

Taken on their own, raw metals have numerous distinct problems. Without the appropriate finish, exposed metals will likely corrode and tarnish. Depending on their application, unfinished metal fabrications face an array of threats, be it erosion by salt, rusting by rain and weakening by ultraviolet light.

Metal fabricators have long known that finishing helps to improve performance and appearance. In addition, it extends the lifespan of features like metal gates, metal railings, balustrades and staircases, be they in Leeds or any other location.

Naturally, this is appealing for the end-user which, by extension, suits the fabricator too.

The Introduction of Powder Coating and its Benefits

Powder coating is a relatively recent development. Before this, wet paint was the preferred solution for finishing metal fabrications. But this was a time-intensive, laborious process that required proper conditions. What’s more, unless applied by a professional, paint usually performed poorly too.

Scientists didn’t perfect powder coating until the 1960s. When they did, however, it revolutionised the metal fabrication industry. It gave metal fabricators a leading edge that our Leeds-based team still benefits from today.

How Does Powder Coating Work?

Traditional wet paint consists of colour pigments suspended in liquid. Powder coating, on the other hand, is a completely dry process.

During the coating itself, an operative sprays dry powder onto the metallic surface. When doing so, the powder receives a positive electrical charge. The intended surface, be it one of our metal gates, metal railings, balustrades or any other feature, has a negative charge. This creates an electromechanical change that allows the powder molecules to attach to the metal.

This electric polarisation produces a uniform coating without sags or running.

After coating, the operative moves the fabrication to a specially designed oven that bakes it at a high temperature. When cured, the product is ready for immediate use.

The Benefits of Powder Coating

Are you considering a powder coat for a bespoke fabrication in Leeds? Whether it’s one of our metal gates, balustrades or a set of metal railings, the benefits of the process include:

  • Creates surfaces resistant to fading, wear, scratching and chipping
  • Fabrications with a powder coat won’t rust or corrode
  • For the coating’s life cycle, fabrications have an as-new appearance
  • With no need for repainting, products are essentially maintenance-free
  • Coating uses less equipment and fewer raw materials for a cost-effective process
  • The reduced application time results in a faster turnaround
  • The reliability of the results creates far less rejections for metal fabricators
  • Applying a powder coat involves a safe and environmentally friendly process

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